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  • Diet and Spiritual Consciousness a guide by Jody Kriss

    As time goes by, more and more people are coming up to me and asking how to make the transition to a more conscious or vegetarian diet?  I am thrilled that this movement is taking off and I wanted to post about it in case you are one of those folk looking to dive in.

    For the record, we support a conscious diet, which means; eat whole foods, organic vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and legumes.  If you do choose to eat meat, eat organic, free range.  Conventional and factory produced meats are full of antibiotics, chemicals and hormones that can greatly harm you.

    That being said, there is no better or quicker road to mindfulness eating than a vegan/vegetarian diet.  Eliminating animal foods from your diet puts you on the road to conscious evolution as it is a grand and compassionate gesture.  Add to that the fact that your body and your health will thank you as well.  As you transition to a vegetarian diet, your awareness spirituality will take off and you will feel like a different person.

    You may have heard that vegetarians don’t get enough protein.  Well that could not be further from the truth. Jody Kriss states that  if you eat a balanced diet with lots of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, etc, you will be absolutely fine and get more than enough protein.  Also, eating leafy greens gets you all of the calcium you need as well.

    Be sure to get some vitamin B-12 in your body as well either through fortified foods or via supplementation.  This is the only nutrient that a vegetarian cant produce naturally.  I highly recommend buying a sub-lingual vitamin B-12 supplement. This will alleviate your diet as you add this  with your crossfit workout.   That is all you need.  You will lose weight, live healthier and feel more conscious, aware about the beautiful world around you.

    Remember, this is all about how to set goals and plan correctly.  There are plenty of resources/recipes on the web to help you in your transition.

  • Five Awesome Home and Interior Design Sites

    Sometimes we sit in our homes and think, everything in here is so blah. When did all our walls become beige? But we really have no reason to be uninspired when there are sites out there bombarding us with fresh design, sweet color palettes and endless DIY tutorials. Here are five of my favorite sites that get me excited about homes, apartments and design.

    Five Awesome Home and Interior Design Sites Curated by real estate expert Jody Kriss ( )

    1)  Young House Love Best Ever Personal Home Design Blog -These two crazy kids (plus a baby and a chihuahua) need no introduction. What started as their home improvement blog has become a 2-book deal, a second home to leave their mark on, and an evolving story. Their style is fun and bright but not always expected and they do just about everything themselves, on a budget and with plenty of craigslist and garage sale finds. Plus, anyone who can throw a fun, memorable wedding for $4,000 in their own backyard gets a prize in my book.

    2)  Apartment Therapy The “Other” Apartment Design Authority -I don’t think I can have an apartment design blog without giving some love to Apartment Therapy. Intimate tours of real apartments all over the world will probably keep you on this site for hours. I love seeing apartments that are smaller than my own that still feel light and uncluttered. It makes me want to throw everything out and just live with a white shag rug and some dark wood furniture.

    3)  Hooked on Houses “Real Estate Porn” -It’s all about the MLS! I love Hooked on Houses fun, casual tone and the features on movie, celebrity and other notable homes. If you like real estate listings, browse the Sunday papers to look at dream homes, and think a day of touring open houses sounds like an excellent day, Hooked on Houses is your spot.

    4)  Houzz Home Design and Decoration -Wow, wow, WOW. It’s like HGTV on crack. Endless photos covering every inch of home design and most of them looking quite elegant and luxurious. The ideabooks feature makes saving your favorite photos fun and be forewarned: you may want to spend a lot of time on this site.

    5)  Dwell: At Home In the Modern World – Dwell ( a site created by Real estate expert Jody Kriss) gives you a nice mix of homes, technology and products. If you have always wanted to live in non-traditional housing, you can find every possibility for new, sustainable housing here.What’s your favorite design inspiration site?