The different types of carpet texture

Knowing what type of carpet texture you have is one of the most important things you can do for its maintenance. It will not only helps with carpet cleaning, but with decorating, designing, and upkeep.

Besides a good carpet design and texture, one thing you should consider is to take care of your carpet. You can look for a Carpet Cleaners in Rochester NY if you are located there.

Carpet Construction

When you decide to buy a new carpet, there are many things that you can consider. These include the style of the carpet, its texture, its construction type, décor among other options. Most people find it particularly hard to differentiate between the different kinds of carpet texture available. This article will explain the available types of carpet fixture to help you choose the best carpet for your needs.

The different types of carpet texture

Carpet texture is determined by the way the strands or carpet fibers are woven. These fall into three main categories. They include:

  • Loop Pile
  • Cut Pile
  • Cut and Loop Pile

Loop Pile

Most carpets are made with a loop pile texture. Carpets with loop piles have fibers that have been folded into small loops. This makes the carpets very durable and resistant to crushing and stain. They, however, have limited cushioning. This makes them ideal in areas that experience a lot of movement like casual rooms.

There are various styles of carpet textures that fall under the category of loop pile. These are:

  • Textured loop carpet- These carpets are designed in loops of different lengths thereby creating a beautiful pattern
  • Multilevel loop carpet- These carpets are similar to textured loop carpets with the only difference being they have loops with greater lengths than textured loop carpets.
  • Level loop Carpet- They have loops that have same lengths. The lengths can be smaller for stronger carpets.

Cut Pile

Cut pile carpets as the name suggests have the yarn tips cut. This ensures the carpets have no fabric loops. These carpets are generally denser and therefore durable compared to loop pile. This makes them ideal for residential areas due to their versatility.

Various carpets fall under the cut pile carpets. They include; Frieze- Frieze has long fibers with highly twisted yarns. The twists give it an excellent appearance and texture that makes it the best choice for your home.

  • Plush- Plush carpet tends to have a smooth feel and resembles a velvet.
  • Saxony- The Saxony style also has a smooth feel but has more than one fabric piles twisted together. It has longer fibers, therefore, can easily be dented when you put furniture on them.
  • Textured cut pile- It has a rough surface due to its uneven length of the fibers. The fabric is also tightly woven to ensure footprints are not left behind.
  • Cable- These are cut pile carpets with long fibers that are very thick making it comfortable for underfoot.
  • Cut and loop pile – These carpets are known to combine both the cut pile and loop pile fibers. This, therefore, means they have the quality of both textures. As a result, they are durable and the best carpets for hiding stains and dirt.


Shag is another type of carpet texture that can be made in different styles. Shags can be made by twisting several types of yarns together. Shags can be thick or thin depending on what you prefer. Thick shags tend to give a smooth feeling compared to the thin ones.

The type of carpet texture you choose will depend on your preferences. If you want a carpet to use in a busy area of your house, then go for the dense and more durable carpets. If you want a carpet comfortable for your underfoot, then smooth carpets are your best bet.

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